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Customer Support

A key component of every serious business is knowledgeable and responsive Customer Support. ZOHL provides a complete helpdesk service to its clients. We recommend that you purchase a plan when you buy our services and products. Generally purchased for a year, it is good practice to renew annually so that support and upgrades are maintained.

Our annual support agreement provides quick and direct access for all our customers with annual support contracts to help resolve any queries. The Support team can be contacted between 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. In order to resolve issues as quickly as possible please provide:

  • Background information, what you are trying to do?
  • What has changed before the problems appear?
  • Try to replicate the issue and note the steps taken.
  • Provide screen shots of any error messages seen.

The Support team can be contacted between 9:00am to 5:30pm
Phone: 03-6279 9276 / 013-206 1038
Email: support@zohlgroup.com

Technical Support

ZOHL provides professional technical services to help customers make the best use of its software systems and services. Our experienced team has many years of practice in advising customers on how to successfully implement the use of best practice and ITIL guidelines. They are specialists in Customer Care in a wide range of industries.

Experience shows us that proper installation, customization and training results in significantly better implementations and satisfied users. The return on investment is also enhanced and project times are reduced. Typically, small implementations can use as little as three-day services while larger ones can be up to twenty days or more.

Services are provided under a range of headings:
1. Pre-Installation planning and best practice advice
2. Software installation
3. Creation of Profiles (customization) based on user’s requirements
4. Creation of Templates (letters, emails, invoices etc.)
5. Creation of custom reports
6. Import of data from other systems if required
7. Testing operation and function of the system across the network
8. Administrator training
9. User training and ‘train the trainer’
10. Specific user operating manual if required
11. System reviews and advice
12. Installation of additional optional modules
13. Upgrades to new versions
14. Project Life Cycle Documentation: BRS/FRS/SRS/SDS/Test Plan/UAT