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1. Team Talent Development

Companies that nurture and develop talent, attract and retain talented people. Having a workforce that reflects and embraces diversity, gender and ethnic balance, better reflects your clients or consumers, that in turn, leads to success. A company’s personnel is your key differential. ZOHL is unique amongst its peers in many ways, but most prominently our consultants have extensive experience in designing, delivering and benchmarking Human Capital projects in addition to Executive Search, to ensure our clients fully realize their employees full potential.

2. Succession Management

Clients who invest in their talent see significant ROI when conducting a combination of Human Capital and Executive Search before either starting a recruitment project or analyzing their Human Capital strengths and challenges prior to developing succession management plans or when they embark on company development and growth strategies

3. Future Leadership Development

We understand that successful companies attract and retain the best not by just offering highly competitive salaries but by constantly striving to make the work environment somewhere that employees want to be. Development of talent is a complex process, not a “one size fits all” scenario; we work with clients in true partnership to fully understand their goals, aspirations and timings before developing a bespoke solution that is delivered by our Human Capital professionals


  1. Organizational Development & Management
  2. Business & Financial Management:

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This is ZOHL Consulting Group’s business unit focusing on information and communications technologies.

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ZOHL Consulting provides a wide range of services with the mission of supporting customers in analyzing key technical aspects influencing strategic decisions.

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Telco operators: strategic advisory (business planning, product & service strategy definition, ICT strategy definition, technical support in legal disputes, process reengineering, etc.);

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