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Business and Management Consulting

Business and Management Consulting

  • Organizational Development & Management
  • Business & Financial Management:
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business Intelligence and Strategy Formulation
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Economic Analysis, Statistical Analysis and Forecasting
  • Privatization & Corporate Management
  • Market Research, Analysis and Demand Forecast
  • Project Feasibility Study & Costing
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Tender Bid Management
  • Regulatory Issues and National Policy Matters 


  1. Organizational Development & Management
  2. Business & Financial Management:
  1. Team Talent Development

Companies that nurture and develop talent, attract and retain talented people. Having a workforce that reflects and embraces diversity, gender and ethnic balance, better reflects your clients or consumers, that in turn, leads to success. READ MORE

This is ZOHL Consulting Group’s business unit focusing on information and communications technologies. READ MORE

ZOHL Consulting provides a wide range of services with the mission of supporting customers in analyzing key technical aspects influencing strategic decisions. READ MORE

Telco operators: strategic advisory (business planning, product & service strategy definition, ICT strategy definition, technical support in legal disputes, process reengineering, etc.); READ MORE

  1. SMEs & NGOs
  2. Start-Ups READ MORE
  1. SMEs & NGOs
  2. Start-Ups READ MORE
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